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“I believe that books are fireflies lighting the way to your dreams.”


You’ll love Noodle Nana books because they open the eyes of children, their parents, and grandparents to the wonder of the world around them. Whether based on nature or life’s simple moments, my picture books are written in verse, wrapped in humor, and often end with a surprise.

Noodle Nana is the name my granddaughters gave me years ago since my hair is full of curly ringlets. I like to wear brightly colored reading glasses that match my outfits. I’m compelled to tell stories through writing since my stick figures look just like…sticks.

I hope that your children and grandchildren will beg you over and over again to read Noodle Nana Books to them. I hope that they will remember, quote, and keep these books as they grow. I hope that someday they will read these books to their own children and grandchildren. I hope my stories leave tracks on all your hearts.

Crackers, Crackers


Order Noodle Nana's first published children's book! Available June 1, 2020. 

A collaborative of the creative team behind SwanCygnet Unlimited. Christy is an author who cannot draw a stick figure. Amy is an artist who is spelling challenged. Energy and enthusiasm permeate their lives and together they make a powerhouse team. Crackers, Crackers, was their first project together but not their last. Wisconsin is their home and the family favorite cracker is Rye with beer cheese spread. 

Use the link below to order your copy of Crackers, Crackers from the Noodle Nana Press store on Etsy.

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