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Christy L. Schwan

Creator • Collaborator • Coach • Catalyst

SwanCygnet Unlimited is a multi-generational, no boundaries organization, that encourages and celebrates the creativity that exists in all of us. Swans are known for their fierce dedication to family, so it seemed natural to adopt it for our company name.

SwanCygnet was initially founded in 2004 to create a framework for publishing my first book, The Blue Tattoo Club: A Breast Cancer Sisterhood. The heart of the company is still writing and publishing books and articles for all ages. And the company is expanding through collaborative projects with other authors and artists.

I’m also passionate about mentoring and coaching younger women. With over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership and small business ownership, I bring a distinct perspective to career visioning. I help others recognize their strengths, celebrate their unique abilities, explore their career opportunities and ultimately realize their dreams. I am a Kolbe Certified Consultant™, having used their tools successfully for nearly 20 years at Stellarus Benefits.


What I do

I am a creator

I am a collaborator

I am a coach

I am a catalyst

I love books! Big or little, short or long, serious or hilarious, practical or fanciful, inspirational or satirical. My favorite Christmas gifts have always been books, whether giving or receiving.

Thank you for giving me this zen moment. I needed this. I wish I was on a beach far away looking into an infinite horizon....hummmmm

- Martha

Reading your poetry provided a bright spot in my day! 

- Joan

This is so beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes because of how deeply it resonated with me. Oh I would love to use this image each time I sit down to write and put myself to anything I'm passionate about.

- Shonali

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Cedarburg, WI

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